As you do your due diligence in researching which security camera system is right for you, PoE is a term you will come across quite a bit. IP cameras are typically run via network cables (Cat 5) to transmit video. PoE allows the same network cable to double up as a power source, eliminating the need for a 12v power supply. The technology is quite useful especially when you have multiple cameras, each requiring its own power source.

With PoE technology, the network cable, which transmits data from the camera to the recorder, also serves as a power source for your cameras. The only thing you need to buy is a PoE injector, which you then connect to your network. If you have multiple IP cameras, it would be better to buy a PoE Network Switch instead, as this would save you money in the long run from having to buy multiple PoE injectors.

All of the Camius IP cameras have the PoE feature. If you are looking for IP cameras with PoE capability in the Inland Empire, you’ve found your source!