Full HD 1080P IR Mini CCTV Camera

What exactly is the Roboza series of cameras offered by SuperDealUSA?

Analog HD surveillance CCTV cameras by Roboza are versatile and easy to use. The CCTV industry has been growing by leaps and bounds over the last few years, with several new technological advancements creating entirely new ways of utilizing surveillance systems. The nightmare everyone wants to avoid is having to replace their entire CCTV system in favor of an entirely new system. Luckily, such a nightmare is avoidable.

Roboza Analog HD series of cameras are designed using the latest technological advancements found in other systems, ported to Analog systems. Simply upgrade your existing analog cameras with one of Roboza's 1080P HD Dome or Bullet cameras. The Roboza HD Analog cameras are equipped with night vision and infrared, ensuring that your property is monitored even at night.

These cameras are compatible with most analog recorders, including Hybrid Recorders. They work flawlessly with the Camius TriVault series DVR/NVR Hybrid Recorders.