When shopping online for home surveillance equipment, you may be intimidated by the large selection of technical specifications available on the market. Despite this intimidation, we intend to make the process for shopping surveillance systems easy for you.

First of all, you should identify your budget. There are many systems for many different applications and purposes, but for the most part, budget will be the distinguishing factor in your home video surveillance shopping experience.

Then, you should identify how many cameras you will need for your setup. For most residential houses, a 4 camera setup (2 bullets and 2 domes) will be plenty; The 2 bullet cameras would typically be installed outside, one at the back door, and one at the front door. The two dome cameras will typically be used indoors, such as the kitchen and the living room or a hallway.

Wireless or Wired?

There are advantages for both. But for the quick and easy wireless setup, there is a Wifi NVR Kit which contains 4 wireless cameras, an NVR recorder and a hard drive. The advantage of this kit is that it’s quite literally plug n play. Just install the cameras and hook up your NVR to a network and you will be able to have a fully functional system up and running within half an hour.

If you don’t mind a little bit more work, you can opt for one of the many bundles available on the market, which include a Hybrid NVR/DVR recorder, and a selected amount of cameras. The advantage of these cameras is that they are full HD and the recorder is also capable of data for much longer periods of time. However, it does require you run some cabling throughout your establishment, but with the right guide, it isn’t difficult at all.

There are also the IP Cameras which are also wired; These cameras are “smart cameras”, meaning they have advanced built in features, such as region of interest and smart detection. These features switch on the camera when a particular event occurs in its field of vision, and then sends you an alert to keep you informed about what is occurring on your property. With these features, coupled with 3MP/4MP cameras, you can always be sure your property is securely monitored.

All of the above described systems come equipped with features for you to be able to view your live video in real time, unlike some other companies’ systems, which requires you to have a monitor dedicated for the camera systems.