In your search for home or commercial video surveillance systems, you will notice that there are multiple camera styles available to choose from, the two main ones being Dome and Bullet style. As the name implies, the dome camera is shaped like a dome, whereas the bullet camera is shaped in a tubular fashion.

As far as the technical specifications of the cameras go, the differences are quite minor, but there are a couple of differences which make it necessary to know the difference when choosing which cameras to buy.

Indoor Or Outdoor?

Each camera style is better suited for a particular application. While both cameras will work in both applications, the dome camera is more often used indoors and the bullet camera is more often used outdoors.

Dome cameras are visually modest, so it blends into the environment easier than bullets. The shape of the dome also makes it harder for people on the ground to see where exactly the camera is pointing. Not only that, domes can also view in 360 degrees, making it extremely versatile for indoor surveillance.

Bullet cameras are shaped in a protruding tubular fashion, which makes spotting the camera from afar very easy. This gives the impression to passersby that the location is under surveillance, and is a proven deterrent of crime and vandalism.


Most modern bullet surveillance cameras are weatherproof, as they are designed for outdoor purposes. For extreme weather conditions, be sure to check the IP rating of the surveillance camera before purchasing, to make sure the camera will be suitable for such conditions. In the Camius line of cameras, the Guard and Bolt both are weatherproof rated IP 66, so you can use them in practically any application, regardless of whether you choose dome or bullet.

Aesthetic Appeal?

This one is a funny question to ask because surveillance cameras are not necessarily the most aesthetically pleasing sight to look at. Regardless, dome cameras are definitely the choice to go with, considering the shape and color minimizes “distractibility”, as they don’t particularly stand out when compared to bullet cameras.