This is a good question, and it’s important to consider the differences between analog and IP surveillance cameras. First of all, it’s important to note that while there is a significant cost difference between the Roboza AHD Analog camera series and the Camius IP PoE camera series, it’s not effective to say one is better than the other, nor is it effective to claim IP cameras are better than analog cameras due to their cost.

The difference is mostly in the application. The primary advantage of AHD Analog 1080P Security Cameras lies in the cost, being less than half the price of the IP Cameras in the Camius line. The economical design of the AHD security cameras are such that they incorporate the latest technology that is able to be backported into analog systems. Such technology includes infrared capability, 1080P Full HD resolution, and day/night compatibility. The AHD security cameras are also perfect if you want to upgrade your old analog system, since they are 100% compatible with the existing cabling throughout your property. If you are upgrading your system, we recommend you obtain the Camius TriVault184 recorder for optimum efficiency, as in fact the Camius recorders are perfectly compatible with the AHD security cameras.

In the IP Security cameras found in the Camius line of products, there exists a much broader range of technologies which are exclusive to IP cameras, some of them being Region of Interest selection, privacy masking, and more. You can also program the cameras to switch on when a particular event happens, and these triggers can be set in the CMS software provided with all the Camius products including the recorders. The IP security cameras are also powered via Ethernet as well, so you don’t necessarily need to have a power outlet nearby to power the camera.

All in all, it’s just dependent on your functionality needs.