With the advent of IP security cameras that are power over Ethernet, the traditional recorders were no longer capable of supporting these new cameras. The good news is that the new Hybrid recorders can support both analog and IP cameras seamlessly, meaning if you decide to purchase some new IP cameras for your existing setup, you can integrate them without getting rid of your old analog cameras.

The Camius TriVault series of recorders also comes with the state of the art camera management software, which allows you to set a region of interest in the camera’s field of vision. This feature is particularly useful if you have a specific range that you want to keep secure, and any activity detected in that region of interest will trigger the camera to start recording. This makes the videos take up significantly less space on the hard drive.

Regardless, you may need to keep your property under 24/7 video surveillance, and the recorders come equipped with multiple hard disk drive bays, so you can store weeks to months of recordings at a time. The Camius TriVault4168 has 4 HDD bays, 16 AHD channels, and 8 IP channels. If you don’t use any of the analog channels, they will double up as IP channels, giving you a total of 24 IP channels.

These recorders feature not only analog and IP camera support, but they also support HDMI and other camera types as well. See the NVR/DVR recorder section of our website for further details.