Crime isn’t something that society will outgrow any time soon, and that being the case, it’s always good to be on our toes in preventing something before it happens. Home security and surveillance is now a lot more affordable and practical than it was before, and if you have an existing analog system you may know how the system requires a bit of knowledge to install. The good news is that with the advancement of technology over the past couple of years, IP camera systems are far more effective and versatile than the old analog systems.

First and foremost, IP camera systems have the capability to capture far greater detail in the images. The resolution of the video has far surpassed the old analog systems, and if there happens to be an event that requires re-tracing video surveillance, fine details such as facial features and clothing can be recovered whereas in the older analog systems, you were only able to gather rough outlines of details, such as height and body style.

Secondly, the security of the system itself is guarded by levels of encryption thanks to being built into your IP network’s infrastructure. This adds a layer of personal security so you know that your video output can’t be intercepted by a passerby with the right cabling equipment. Hacking into an IP system is a lot more difficult!

Another great advantage of IP systems is the ability to access your cameras from anywhere. Since IP systems are not closed circuit in the traditional sense, as they are connected to your local area network. If this network is also connected to the internet, you will be able to access your video surveillance from anywhere. As a side note, all Camius products come with a free camera management software, with no monthly subscription. This software is super easy to use and highly customizable.

Camius recorders also are well equipped with scalability in mind. Despite scalability being an issue for analog systems, the Camius recorders are built with scalability in mind for analog cameras as well, allowing you to have a combined analog and IP system – This saves you a lot of money since you don’t have to replace all of your cameras! But as Hybrid recorders, when you connect your system primarily as IP, you are granted a much wider range of access to the recorders channels. For instance, our very popular Camius TriVault2168ATC is able to equip 24 IP cameras!

In the long run, upgrading to IP systems will save you a lot more money because of the cost-benefit analysis. The features provided for by IP cameras are far more effective than analog. Specifically with Camius IP systems, it is not required to spend additional money in purchasing analog to digital converters, which makes it extremely easy to add IP cameras to your existing system, with the addition of a Camius recorder as well.