The Difference between Camius IP Cameras

You may have stumbled onto our website and upon seeing that we have multiple Camius products, you may have asked yourself what the difference was between the cameras. That's a good question! We have two series of the Camius Flagship line; the Guard, and the Bolt. The guard is essentially a synonym for "dome", as in "dome-shaped" camera. The bolt, in a similar manner, is synonymous with "Bullet".

In the Guard series, there is the GuardX and the GuardV. The GuardX has a 3-megapixel lens, while the GuardV has a 4-megapixel lens. 

Similarly, in the Bolt series, the BoltX has a 3-megapixel lens, while the BoltV has a 4-megapixel lens. 

So when in the decision-making process for which IP camera to buy, it's really just dependent on what your needs are. With that being said, commercial and vandalism-prone areas are best serviced with the GuardV and BoltV cameras, as the 4-megapixel lens is able to capture the highest resolution images and have the latest technology built into them.

All of the Camius IP Cameras listed above are ONVIF compliant, and they all work with ONVIF compliant recorders, regardless of brand, provided that they are modern ONVIF recorders. For maximum efficiency, use one of the Camius TriVault series recorders.