No doubt you've seen acronyms and abbreviations in your search for security and surveillance equipment. Here's a breakdown of the common abbreviations and what they mean:
DVR - Digital Video Recorder. These types of recorders are typically used for Analog cameras, such as AHD, TVI, and CVI formats. Camius is now offering Hybrid DVR/NVR recorders, which contain ports for analog cameras, as well as support for a number of IP cameras as well, allowing you to mix and match cameras with your system.

FTP - File Transfer Protocol is a standard network protocol used for the transfer of computer files between a client and server on a computer network.

HDD - Hard Disk Drive, is a data storage device that uses magnetic storage to store and retrieve digital information from your camera(s).
IK10 - This is a security standard that describes the Vandal-Resistance of a security camera. Typically, IK10 cameras are designed to withstand damage or abuse that criminals may employ in their effort to get rid of the evidence when in the act.

IP66 - This is a Weatherproof standard that describes the resistance to weather conditions. The first digit represents ability to withstand dust and airborne particles, while the second digit represents the ability to withstand water. IP66 collectively means it can fare very well against both dust and water.

IR - Infra Red. IR is used in the context of Night Vision. The Infra Red lights illuminate the field of vision for the camera when there is a shortage of visible light available.

ONVIF - Open Network Video Interface Forum. ONVIF is a standard for how IP products within video surveillance and other security areas can communicate with each other.

NVR - Network Video Recorder. These recorders are specifically designed for IP Network Security Cameras, as the name implies.

PoE - Power Over Ethernet. PoE cameras are able to be powered using an Ethernet cable, which you then plug into a PoE injector, or into a network switch. A major benefit to this would be using one cable instead of two, to deliver power and transmission to and from the camera.

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