Camius 16-Channel 4K Network Video Recorder - 320Mbp - IPvault4320

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Camius IPvault4320 is a 16 Channel 4K NVR, NVR supports IP cameras up to 8MP, 4 Bay SATA Hard Drive (HDD is not included), eSata 6TB, HDMI 4K, VGA, PC Mac Mobile Access.

Camius network video camera recorder supports Camius IP Cameras and any ONVIF compliant IP Cameras (other manufacturers IP cameras support is subject to ONVIF version). Users can access the network video reorder in real-time, record and playback videos remotely via web browser, video management software and mobile app.

  1. The Camius IPvault4320 is an Ultra HD Security Camera 4K Recorder (NVR 4K) that supports up to 16 ONVIF Compliant IP Cameras. This particular NVR supports up to 4 SATA hard drives up to 3TB each, and supports 8-Megapixel IP Cameras (IP camera 8MP).
  2. The NVR is fully functional with IP Camera‰۪s of other brands, so long as they are ONVIF compliant (subject to ONVIF profile and version). The IPVault4320 allows users to search, playback, and backup, providing enhanced ease of use and security. Users can access this professional NVR Recorder in real-time, record and playback videos remotely via PC, Mac, and Mobile.
  3. This IP Camera NVR recorder features HDMI 4K, VGA video output, Audio input & output connection. The NVR features 320Mbps processing speed.
  4. Add IPVault4320 by scanning a QR code. Get a complimentary video management software, iOS, Android app using Camius Security camera system.

IPvault4320 supports a 4K resolution allowing to get an outstanding picture in details & accommodates 32TB HDD; it is compatible with various brand network cameras including those compiled with ONVIF protocol. The NVR allows high definition recording, offering 320Mbps processing speed for realtime recording with cameras up to 8MP.

This network video recorder is conveniently packaged with a Power Adapter, a USB mouse, a User Manual, a remote controller, CD (not included: Cameras, Hard Drives). For updated manuals, any technical questions feel free to contact Camius


  • HD Video Quality and Clarity: Supports 16-Channel 1080p / 10-Channel 3MP / 8-Channel 4MP / 4-Channel 8MP resolution
  • Access remotely via web-browser, software, mobile app
  • Connect IP cameras via network cable (Cat) to the NVR using a PoE network switch
  • Record at 8MP - 4K, 5MP, 3MP, 2MP - 1080P, 1.3MP, 1MP - 720p resolution,  Select recording mode (manual / scheduled, motion triggered), search records and events
  • Alarm 16 input and one output connections
  • Audio 1 input and 1 line out connection
  • HDMI up to  4K, VGA output
  • Display split: 1 - 4 - 6 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 13 - 14 - 16
  • Supports 4 SATA HDD up to 32TB, e-SATA up to 6TB
  • USB backup
  • Multiple users access with authority levels
  • Receive Email Alerts
  • Supports  RS485, RJ-45 port (1000M•_ä
  • To power up IP cameras a PoE switch or 12V DC power supplies required.
  • Includes: Camius IPVault4320 NVR, USB Mouse, Power adapter, User Manual, CD, 1 Year Warranty

NOTE: recommended to be used with Camius IP cameras to get full advantage of the system

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